Faith Glass Cup

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About this Product

Step into a world of sophistication and inspiration with our With Faith frosted glass cup. Unveil the power of faith as you sip in style with this impeccably designed glass can. Embodying lightweight practicality and elegance, this cup is an essential addition to any collector's array. Let the frosted finish captivate your senses, amplifying your sipping experience with the reassurance that all things are possible when fueled by faith. Complete with a convenient straw, this cup offers both visual and functional appeal. Immerse yourself in a love for stylish sipping and let With Faith be your daily reminder of limitless possibilities.

Additional information:

16oz glass cup with leak proof lid and reusable straw *Color of lid varies, acrylic lid

*Glass Cups are made to order

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How it’s Made

This item uses sublimation printing.
The print is sublimated directly into the glass cup so there are no stickers so the image will not peel or lift.

Cup care instructions:

Not dishwasher safe

Not microwave safe

Light hand wash only

Please do not use harsh products, brillo or hard sponge when washing.

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